We are half way

We arrived at the Lanseria Business Airport just outside of Johannesburg on Thursday afternoon. We will be staying in Johannesburg for a business event until Monday morning. On Monday we will fly flying inbound again back home through the Eastern part of Africa.

While we are staying in Johannesburg, our Piper Archer III will go into regular maintenance.

maintenance-6 maintenance-5

We have been very fortunate with the family run maintenance company at Lanseria Airport. They have been working on our aircraft and have not found any issues so far. The oil filter did not show any metal particles and was clean as well.

It was not easy to arrange the maintenance in South Africa to fit into the CAMO schedule at home. During our trip we did the 50 hours check ourselves as owner maintenance and were able to sign that off. Now here at Lanseria, the aircraft will receive a 100 hours maintenance check. On the way back home we will do another 50 hours owner check before reaching Teuge airfield again in the beginning of March.

maintenance-4 maintenance-3 maintenance-2 maintenance-1

3 thoughts on “We are half way

  1. Lieve Sjoerd Jan, je maakt wel de reis van je leven! Fijn dat je ons zo op de hoogte houdt. Ik kan je zo gemakkelijk volgen. Ik ben trots op je hoor. Wat een belevenissen allemaal.
    Ik zie ernaar uit al je verhalen te horen. Kun je niet wat organiseren daarvoor?

    Wanneer komen jullie in Teuge aan? Ik zou het leuk vinden om er dan te zijn.

    Liefs mama

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