110412-Wouter-Nagel-pic-DBE-aangepast-voor-siteWouter Nagel – Flight planning and Operational Support


Wouter is involved with product development and support at Aeroplus. He holds a PPL pilot license himself. Recently, Wouter has been ferry flying an aircraft from Cyprus to Lelystad (EHLE) in the Netherlands. He is studying for his airline traffic pilot license (ATPL) when not working. He lives in the Rotterdam area. Wouter will be supporting the crew from the AeroPlus Flight Operations Centre (FOC) at Teuge airport.

erik brouwer africaErik Brouwer – Flightplanning and Public Relations


Erik is part of the Aeroplus team, participating in product support and development. He is also the editor of AOPA Pilots & Planes magazine, the largest pilot magazine in the Netherlands. He lives 15 minutes away from Teuge Airport (EHTE). Erik will support the team with his writing skills updating this website with new ongoing information on how the Across Africa Challege is going.

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