Sjoerd Jan ter Welle, CEO of AeroPlus Aviation Software, recently received an invitation to a business networking event in South Africa, where he will meet Steve Wozniak and others. This triggered him to fly himself to South Africa in a small aircraft, instead of booking a KLM ticket: a perfect way to challenge himself and the services of his company at the same time.

AeroPlus Aviation Software supports pilots and aviation companies worldwide. The AeroPlus team is formed by a group of passionate pilots that fly in Europe.

By flying himself through Africa, Sjoerd Jan hopes to get a better understanding of how (business) aviation works in a continent like Africa. European aviation is well established and organized, but will this be the same in Africa? By visiting several aviation companies in Africa Sjoerd Jan will hear first hand how they operate. In addition, flying in Africa will provide the information itself.

More information about AeroPlus Aviation Software: www.aeroplusaviation.com
AeroPlus Aviation apps in the Apple AppStore: AeroPlus Flightplan app, AeroPlus Aviation Weather app

During the complete ‘Across-Africa-Challenge’ trip, the team will rely on the AeroPlus iPhone and iPad aviation apps for:

  • Flight Planning,
  • Enroute Weather,
  • Navigation.

The experience will be taken back to The Netherlands to optimize the apps and aviation services.

Sjoerd Jan found in Lex a partner to join him on the trip. Both are experienced pilots that usually fly on faster aircraft, such as the Cirrus SR22 Turbo and the King Air Twin. For this challenge, the team decided to fly a simpler, single-engine Piper aircraft. This way they hope to experience more of Africa by flying low.

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