Day 1: Valencia!

Today we departed for our ambitious journey from Teuge in the Netherlands. Families and friends had come out of their beds very early on this cold and wet sunday morning, to wave us goodbye.

We left EHTE around 0900 local time in the morning, flying to Béziers at the French Côte d’Azur. We left Béziers only an hour after arriving, to continue on our last leg of this long flying day: Valencia!

We arrived in Valencia shortly after 19.00 in the evening, and witnessed a spectacular sunset during our arrival. For now, it’s off to bed early to prepare for tomorrow, when we start the next part of our next journey, flying to the Canary Islands via Gibraltar and Morocco! (You can follow our progress live here!)






3 thoughts on “Day 1: Valencia!

  1. That was a loooong (nearly 600 Nm) fist leg from Teuge to Beziers. Longer than standard PA28 range. Was that to test the extra fuel tanks? How do you operate them in flight? I envy you for this exciting trip and wish you all the best! It would be nice to read some of the flying challenges you encounter.

  2. Ik wens jullie een fantastische reis naar zuid afrika en weer terug. De eerste twee legs zijn gedaan dus de kop is er af. Mooie foto’s en nog heel veel te gaan.
    Goede reis! Peter van der Hoek

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