Arriving In The Tropics

We love the tropics! Yesterday we arrived from Accra, Ghana in Sao Tomé de Principe. More about our journey there later in this post, but lets start with the fact that Lex smiled again upon our arrival at our Lodge. Sao Tomé isn’t really a wealthy place, but it allows for some good relaxation on western standards, and again some great underwater scenery for scuba diving!

Last Tuesday we flew from Bamako to Accra. The flight took us about five hours in total.  Gradually the ground below turned green again and while flying over some small villages at 800 feet, locals were staring up and waving at us.
What amazed us, was that fires and large smoke plumes were taking away our visibility. Apparently the locals burn acres of wood to the ground to create fertile soil for crops. From time to time the smoke got so thick, we had to increase our altitude to keep a clear horizon.

photo 1 (1)

photo 3

At Bobo-Dioulasso we made a stop. Imagine a fully equipped large airport with only two scheduled flights every day.

photo 4 (1)

photo 4 (3)

Arriving in Accra around 16:00 we were parked amongst Boeings and Airbuses. See how we were refuelled in the local fashion:


photo 1 (2)

At Accra we found this Dutch-registered Fuji. We have no clue about its history and how it got here. You are welcome to share your information here!

photo 3 (1)

Yesterdaymorning we left Accra for a direct flight to Sao Tome. Blue up and below, until we had the large island in sight.

Today we will spend the day scuba diving and enjoying everything our luxury lodge has to offer. Tomorrow we will fly to Africa’s mainland again: Congo!


Sjoerd Jan ter Welle and Lex Versteeg are flying from The Netherlands to South Africa and back in a small Piper aircraft. Read more about the team >here<

9 thoughts on “Arriving In The Tropics

  1. Scuba diving at Ilheu Santana (Sao Tome) indeed was amazing (hope you´ll share the video)!! Thanks again for the nice and entertaining lunch. Wish you always a plastic bag of gasoline on your rear seat!! Good luck!!

    • Hallo Martijn,

      Angola was dus de onverwachte tegenvaller …

      Het was ons laatste veld voor Namibië en Zuid Afrika waar je normaliter geen problemen hoeft te verwachten. Maar goed wij waren uiteindelijk toch nog op tijd in Sabi Sabi en hebben verder geen echte tegenslagen gehad.

  2. Great trip so far and very good pictures. But also of interest: Did vou order the fuel in advance ? How much is the fuel price over there ? How much is the landing-/parking fee ? Is handling mandatory , and how expensive?

  3. Met de PH-ARK heb ik nog meegevlogen toen ik klein was, met een prive eigenaar. Het was mijn eerste vlucht met een vliegtuig groter dan een ultralight. Ik heb er nog een luchtdoopcertificaat van.

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