Here is a small picture impression of the city of Cairo, the Pyramids and a visit to Jos and Adrienne Strengholt.


We entered Egypt via Aswan.


The river nile. Picture is taken in Aswan.


Below you can “see” the Pyramids… The weather enroute from Aswan to Cairo International Airport was pretty bad with a thick fog.The fog prevented us during this flight from seeing the Pyramids from the air. Later on we had to fly from Cairo Int’l to the airport 6th of October to refuel and that gave us the opportunity to see the Pyramids from the air.

Juba-Egypt-137 Juba-Egypt-136 Juba-Egypt-135

Enroute to the Pyramids (by taxi) we had to cross through the city of Cairo and its traffic.

Juba-Egypt-134 Juba-Egypt-133 Juba-Egypt-131 Juba-Egypt-130Juba-Egypt-132Juba-Egypt-129 Juba-Egypt-128 Juba-Egypt-127 Juba-Egypt-126 Juba-Egypt-125 Juba-Egypt-124

Juba-Egypt-121Juba-Egypt-120 Juba-Egypt-119

We visited Jos and Adrienne Strengholt enjoyed a glass of wine on their rooftop terrace.


Picture above right is of the “City of the Dead. This is a huge “city” where the dead are burried in old houses. Nobody lives here except for the dead.




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