Victoria Falls

After a delay of 4 hours at the Lanseria business airport just outside of Johannesburg in South Africa, we took off towards the Victoria Falls. We arrived at Lanseria before 7 in the morning and passed customs and immigration services, had our bags checked and paid our landing fee. Our aircraft was still at the maintenance shop, so we were taken to the maintenance shop with a golf car. After packing the aircraft and filling it up with AVGAS fuel at the fuel station we headed down to the holding point for the runway. While taxiing out we were delegated to the main terminal building again to pass customs again. Seemingly, the officials that cleared us already were off duty now and the new staff had no idea that we already cleared customs and had all taken care off at 7 in the morning.


For fun we typed in Teuge Airfield (EHTE) as our destination to find out that we still had 4785 Nautical Miles to fly, which is 8862 kilometers. We were now on our way back north with a route through the eastern part of Africa, the Middle, East, Cyprus, Greece, the Balkan and then back home to Teuge.


Enroute we passed some interesting coloured fields. Up to now, we still have no idea where that red colour comes from.


After a flight of more  than 5 hours we landed at Livingstone Airport. To be honest, I had to ask the fuel guy in which country we just landed. Was it Zambia or Zimbabwe? It was Zambia. Due to the delay we had to work as efficient as possible to get to the falls. On the way inbound to the airport, we already got permission to overfly the waterfalls. It was very, very impressive and the waterspray could be seen already from miles away.


After landing we hurried to our hotel and took a taxi to go to the border. The Zambian-Zimbabwian border is near the bridge in front of the waterfalls and to see the falls from the ground well, you have to go to the Zimbabwe side. We arrived at the other side of the border at 5.30 in the afternoon to hear that we could only see the falls until 6. We agreed, bought the necessary ticket and took the below shots and enjoyed the sheer force of nature and magnificent view.


We were glad we made it and felt privileged to have seen the falls from above and the ground just in time. The evening we spend enjoying diner right on top of the waterfalls on the Zambian side while going over the last details of our route and flights for the next day.





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