Africa and Avgas

Our plans for yesterday were ambitious, as we planned to reach Namibia from Pointe-Noire in one day. But the day started early, and we had another fantastic flight along the African coast. It promised to be a good day. We spotted a lot of oil rigs at the sea. But despite the oil being so close, the prearranged and promised fuel appeared not to be available after landing at our first stop of the day: Luanda, Angola. After five hours of talking and negotiating we were very kindly offered one 200L barrel for 6000 USD. (:
photo 3 (1)
IMG-20140208-WA0004photo 1 (2)

Naturally, we did not accept this offer. After a long talk (another two hours) with airport management we managed to arrange some fuel at more reasonable terms. Because of the long delay we were forced to stay overnight in Luanda however. We moved our planned departure time to 04:30 today. We left Luanda for Namibia at 0430 this morning, trying to catch up with our tight schedule again!

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